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Nikon re-registers Nikonos trademark Photo

Nikon re-registers Nikonos trademark

Wetpixel member Geo has kindly pointed out an interesting development from Nikon. Nikon Rumors notes that the company has just re-registered the trademark “NIKONOS.” This had expired in 2008. Of course, this may simply reflect an attempt to preserve apart of Nikon’s heritage, but equally, it may be a sign that the company is considering the underwater market in its product development plans.

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The Nikonos Project: Borrow a camera for free Photo

The Nikonos Project: Borrow a camera for free

Many underwater photographers started out their careers shooting with film on the Nikonos family of cameras and still have a fondness for them. One such photographer, Brandon Jennings, has turned his fondness into a hobby and a worldwide project. The Nikonos Project seeks to get the 35mm film cameras into the hands of photographers around the world, for free, to shoot and share with others.

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Update: Nju Nikonos Conversion System Photo

Update: Nju Nikonos Conversion System

Owner Andrej Belic provides an update for his Nju conversion process that allows Nikonos RS lenses to be used with Nikon digital SLR cameras and conventional housings. He currently offers support for Nikonos 13mm, 28mm, 20-35mm, and 50mm lenses in a wide variety of housings.

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