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The Ethics of Octopus imagery: Part 1 Photo

The Ethics of Octopus imagery: Part 1

In an editorial based on the Smithsonian Magazine’s response to the fact that that one of the finalists of their “Natural World” contest was displaying anything but natural behavior, Wetpixel Editor Adam Hanlon points out some of the issues around the ethics of major wildlife photography contests. At the time of the contest and in their subsequent email statements, the Smithsonian specifically excluded images that had been “manipulated” in post production, but allowed images that featured wildlife subjects that had been deliberately manipulated at the point of capture.

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Smithsonian features underwater art Photo

Smithsonian features underwater art

The Smithsonian is celebrating the fifth anniversary of the opening of the Sant Ocean Hall with a gallery and two temporary exhibitions that celebrate the connection between humans and the oceans. The exhibitions feature the work of Brian Skerry, Cornelia Kubler Kavanagh and Gareth Lawson.

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