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Sperm whale rescue and recycling nets Photo

Sperm whale rescue and recycling nets

In related news, a team from the Center for Coastal Studies, Massachusetts, USA, is seeking funding to undertake a rescue mission to remove a rope that has entangled a spem wjhale off Dominica and Fourth Element has launched their new range of OceanPositive clothing made of fiber from recycled ghost fishing nets

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ROV encounters sperm whale Photo

ROV encounters sperm whale

The Nautilus Expedition has set out and is currently investigating the effects of natural gas seeps that occur in the Gulf of Mexico. The expedition is using ROVs to gather samples and data from the water column. During one of the vehicle’s dives, the ROV encountered a sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) at 598m (1,962 ft). The animal was curious, circling the vehicle and its TMS a few times before moving off.

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