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Wetpixel Live: Underbathwater 2021 Photo

Wetpixel Live: Underbathwater 2021

The Underbathwater competition is a unique underwater photography contest that solicits entries of images taken in “bathwater.” It originally arose out of the frustrations caused by the lack of opportunities for creating underwater pictures during lockdown, it is an incredible collection of innovative and creative imagery. Alex and Adam discuss the 2021 winners on Wetpixel Live.

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Final Call: Underbathwater Photographer of the Year Photo

Final Call: Underbathwater Photographer of the Year

The innovative and fun Fourth Element Underbathwater Photographer of the Year is making its final call for entries. To enter, all you need to do is take your best shot underwater in your bath, tub, sink, bucket, or water butt. Post your images onto Instagram with the #UnderBathWater hashtag and tag @fourthelementdive. Entries need to be in by 1 May.

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