Live Reports: The Shootout 2018

Day 5 - Practice Day

Team Lembeh








Gulen Day 5

The next category of The SHOOTOUT was for wide angle images. Team captain Keri Wilk strategised with the participants and assigned each one some specific ideas or techniques. This involved using back lighting, camera motion, split shots, shooting into Snell’s window, remote strobes, models and close focus wide angle techniques.

The team all headed out to attempt these techniques and then gathered to review how they had worked out.

From this, the team, guided by Keri, constructed a detailed plan for the contest the next day.

The weather and visibility remain challenging, and long dives in cold water means that the hot tub has been busy!

The forecast for the final day is showing that there should be some sunshine. The team are hoping that it is correct! It is all to play for!

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