Live Reports: The Shootout 2018

Day 6 - Competition Day

Team Lembeh

Everyone needs a good photo assistant

Heading out for the last day of Shootout diving

Another dive briefing

Let’s do this Team Lembeh!

Diving the mangroves for the wide angle day

Final night of editing before the end of the Shootout


Let them eat cake

Cut the caaaaaake!

Gulen Day 6

As promised, the final day of the contest dawned clear and sunny in Gulen. As discussed in yesterday’s coverage, The team had developed a plan to create a series of pre-planned images. So they set out to do so!

It was amazing to see how hard the photographers worked to capture their assigned images. Many of them did long dives in cold water. They also cooperated with each other by holding snoots, posing as models and advising on local conditions.

It was a long day’s diving, but the plan worked and everyone managed to achieve their assignments.

Once the images had been captured, Keri and the team gathered to discuss which ones to select for submission.

These were then uploaded to uwshootout.com and voting opened to the public at 10pm.

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