This website is phishing for photographers


The website WallPart preys on photographers by pulling images from Google Images when one searches for their name in the database of prints for sale. The one clickable link on most pages is a Violation form that phishes for photographer’s information. The website has been making the rounds on the internet the past several days. Do not visit the website and by all means, do not submit your information to the website.

A Change.org petition has been started with the aim of taking the entire Russian based website down.

From Patrick Hall at FStoppers:

“As Peter and Company reports, it appears the sole purpose of this website isn’t to sell prints at all (there does not appear to be any proof that actual sales are happening) but rather to target photographers who are featured on WallPart’s website. Photographers are known to freak out when they find their images being used without their permission; it is a behavioral condition that has been reinforced in to our sole existence. If and when a photographer does find their work on the website, they are without a doubt going to issue a cease and desist through WallPart’s DMCA/Copyright link at the bottom of the page. Strangely enough, this link at the bottom of the page is one of the only clickable links on the entire page which is not consistent with most legit ecommerce sites. This contact form is the whole purpose of the Poster Shop’s website. The contact form is a phishing platform that is used to spam the user and potentially infect their computer with malware and who knows what other nasty adware and spyware. “

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