Trip updates: Wetpixel Tiger Sharks 2015

My travels to the Bahamas included a stop-over in Fort Lauderdale, and a visit to the town was not complete without a visit to Reef Photo.

Many thanks to Ryan Canon and Chris Parsons for providing lifts and transport.

Alan Egan was on hand in the shop dispensing advice and bonhomie!

Then it was off to the Bahamas. The flight from Fort Lauderdale is only 25 or so minutes flying time into Grand Bahama and then it was a “quick” taxi ride to the hotel. Unfortunately, the taxi had a mechanical failure which made the process considerably more time consuming than planned!

Chris Boardman flew in on the same day, so after a night in Freeport, we went and did an afternoon dive with UNEXSO. We dived a site called the chamber and were with a group from the center having their first underwater experience.

The highlight of the dive was the seven Caribbean reef sharks that were cruising around.

We then made our way to the West End to the Blue Marlin Cove Marina and Hotel, which will be our base for the next week while diving with Epic Diving.

Most of the group had arrived so after meeting, Debra and Vincent gave our group a briefing on how the diving is going to work for the week. The boat will be leaving at 9.00 am tomorrow, so my next report will be from Tiger Beach!

  1. Introduction.
  2. Getting to Tiger Beach and diving at UNEXSO.
  3. Tiger Beach day 1.
  4. Tiger Beach day 2.
  5. Tiger Beach day 3.
  6. Tiger Beach days 4 +5.