Trip updates: Wetpixel Tiger Sharks 2015

It rained during the night, so day 3 of the Wetpixel Tiger Sharks expedition started off pretty cloudy.

Once again though, we set off for diving at 8.00am. Today’s plan was to dive some reefs and try to bring some tiger sharks in on the reef, rather than on the ubiquitous sand.

Epic’s Vincent Canabal explains the plan to Daniel Norwood!

We were joined for the day by Rolex Scholar Elena Salim Haubold, who is specialising in eco-tourism with sharks.

Epic’s Debra Canabal and Elena “giving them the fin”.

After steaming out, we dropped anchor and Vincent set off to “lure” some tigers in. The reef was a welcome change from the white sand and had lots of soft corals and reef fish. The tigers were not hanging about however, there were lots of Caribbean reef sharks.

I was testing Inon’s GoPro accessories. Throughout the trip I have been shooting lots of video with GoPros and the new Panasonic LX100 (in a yet-to-be-released Nauticam housing) however the hotel’s internet connection can’t cope with me uploading them! Please check back for them soon.

We decided to up anchor and move back to the “traditional site” and find some tigers for the second dive. Very soon, we have Lady Lea and several other sharks on the bait as well as number of reef and lemon sharks.

Debra and our skipper Renald.

Ryan Canon did an amazing job organizing a fish barbecue for the whole group (and half the West End) in the evening. Thank you Ryan!

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