Two new genus and four new species of nudibranchs named for Gulen citizen scientists


Two new genus and four new species of nudibranchs have been described and named after the Gulen Dive Resort and its citizen scientists. One of the new genera is named Gulenia, for the Gulen Dive Resort in Norway’s Sognefjord. While one of the brand new species is named Fjordia chriskaugei for Christian Skauge. Two other species have been named Gulenia monicae and Gulenia orjani for Monica Bakkeliwas and Ørjan Sandnes, respectively, both owners of the Gulen Dive Resort.

This is what Torkild Bakken, Associate Professor and Head of Department at NTNU’s Department of Natural History, had to say about it:

The Gulen Dive Resort and their Nudibranch Safari event have been central to the research we’ve done on slugs in Norway in recent years. Now we’re honoring them by naming several species after them. And not just species, but a whole genus in fact.

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