UnderWater Camera Stuff releases 5” dome ports

UnderWater Camera Stuff has announced the release of two 5” dome ports compatible with Ikelite housings. One of the domes is tuned for use with the Tokina 10-17mm or Nikon 16mm fisheye, the other is suitable for the Canon or Sigma 15mm lenses. It is claimed that as the domes are fitted to a specific lens, this will give true edge-to-edge sharpness. the small physical sizes of the domes allows for close focus wide-angle and wide-angle macro techniques, as well as easing the burden for travel.

Both domes are available now for $350 with a deluxe dome shade, or $300 with a standard one.

Press Release.

UnderWater Camera Stuff Announces Release of Two Modular 5” Domes.

Domes are compatible with the Ikelite Modular Port System.

CINCINNATI, Ohio (April 2011) - UnderWater Camera Stuff announced the release of their two Modular 5” Domes. Each dome is tuned for a specific lens and both versions are designed to work with the ikelite modular port system. One dome is tuned for use with either the Tokina 10-17 Fisheye lens or the Nikon 16 mm F2.8 AF lens. The second dome is tuned for the Canon EF 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye lens or the Sigma 15mm Fisheye lens. Both domes work well with full-frame sensor cameras and cropped sensor cameras. Having a dome tuned to a specific lens means that the images captured with that lens and dome will be in focus from edge-to-edge. Other lenses can be used with the Modular 5” Dome however the image results will be the best when using a lens for which the dome has been tuned.

Along with improved edge-to-edge focus, the small size of the dome offers the photographer additional benefits. The lens can be positioned closer to the subject and, more importantly, the smaller size will allow the strobes to be tucked in very closely to the lens which will produce a pleasing quality of light on the subject. Packing and traveling with these domes is also much easier. One satisfied customer stated, “On the 15 dives I did, despite bringing several ports and domes, I ended up using your 5” modular port on 12 of them! Funny as I usually look at myself as a typical macro shooter. But, the dome was so smooth to use due to its small size and the pictures came out very nicely that I simply could not resist it on most of the dives. Edge sharpness was perfect (at least with f8 and f11 that I mostly used) and I didn’t have any problems with sunray reflections in the dome (that I very often get with my 8” in tropical waters). I did bring my 8” but I never bothered to use it as your 5” worked so well.”

The UnderWater Camera Stuff Modular 5” Domes were comparison-tested to the Ikelite 6” dome port 5503 and the Ikelite 8” dome port 5510.11. The UnderWater Camera Stuff domes have a wider angle-of-view than either of the comparison dome ports. Because of the special tuning, the images they produce are more in-focus near the edge than the Ikelite 6” dome port and about the same as the Ikelite 8” dome port. Photos of the comparison-testing results along with more detailed information are available on the UnderWater Camera Stuff website. To review the information or to purchase a Modular 5” Dome, visit the UwCameraStuff website or send an e-mail