Underwater Tribe Podcast number 11: Dr Mark Erdmann

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Wetpixel Moderator, Mike Veitch has released episode 11 of the Underwater Tribe Diving and Adventure Podcast. It features a conservation icon, Mark Erdmann. Previous podcasts have featured Bert Jones and Maurine Shimlock, Ethan Daniels, Gray Bevan, Serge Abourjeily, Graham Abbott, Christian Loader, Oli Christen, Marianne Nyegaard, Jenny Karmy, and Rich Horner among others.

Underwater Tribe Podcast Series

Podcast 11: Dr. Mark Erdmann

Dr. Mark Erdmann is the Vice President of Asia Pacific Marine Programs with Conservation International. He has lived and worked in Indonesia and the Indo Pacific for more than 25 years. He is one of the driving forces behind the success of the Raja Ampat and Birds Head Seascape marine protected areas. We spend an hour discussing his history, the creation and challenges of marine parks in Indonesia and beyond, plus a discussion of why he has a positive outlook on the future of our oceans. Of course with all of the debate of exploring new sites in the tropics, the topic of crocodile encounters also comes up!

The podcast is available on YouTube, iTunes and Soundcloud