Underwater Tribe Podcasts: Episode 13 featuring Bertie Gekoski

Wetpixel Moderator, Mike Veitch has released episode 13 of the Underwater Tribe Diving and Adventure Podcast series.

It features Aaron “Bertie” Gekoski, who is a wildlife photographer and television presenter who specializes in exposing the cruel treatment of wildlife. Aaron joins us in the studio to discuss how he became involved in this field along with a little of his personal history. Stay tuned for the images at the end to see exactly what happens in the wildlife tourism industry.

You can learn more about Aaron on his website.

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The podcast is available on:

Apple Podcasts YouTube.

The Underwater Tribe Podcast

Mike and Luca of the Underwater Tribe have recently launched a Podcast series featuring special guests from ocean related enterprises. The Podcast launched in March and 13 episodes are now available