Update: Electronics travel guide for underwater image makers

Image by Authentic travel / Shutterstock.com

The US Department of Homeland Security announced a series of restrictions on the carriage of electronic goods which included camera, lights and strobes in the cabins of aircraft for flights from a series of Middle Eastern countries in March.

The ban meant that any electronic goods larger than 16cm long, 9.3cm wide or 1.5cm deep had to travel in the aircraft’s hold. Given that most li-ion batteries may not be carried in aircraft holds due to fire concerns, this immediately presented a challenge for carrying spare batteries.

As of today, the BBC reports that these restrictions have been lifted for flights to the US via Etihad Airways, Emirates Airlines and Turkish Airlines. The UK largely followed the US example in the ban although their’s did not include either Etihad Airways or Emirates. It is expected that the ban will be lifted for passengers on Turkish airlines soon.

For underwater image makers, the ban does still affect those visiting the Egyptian Red Sea. Two photographers with recent experience of traveling to Egypt, Saeed Rashid and Terry Steeley have kindly shared their thoughts and strategies for coping with the additional security measures in Egyptian airports for the Wetpixel community.

Page 1: Introduction.
Page 2: Hurghada airport: A Traveller’s Survival strategy by Saeed Rashid.
Page 3: Egypt | Winning under the new travel rules by Terry Steeley.