Updates from the Lembeh Gulen Critter Shootout

Today is the last shooting day for the Critter Shootout in Lembeh, Indonesia and Gulen, Norway. The final of three competitions, today’s subject is fish. Competitors in Lembeh have completed their three 60-minute dives, edited their photos and submitted their selections to the competition. Norway is still diving and will submit their images at 10pm CEST for public voting. Please check back for the link and to vote for your favorite image.

Thats a wrap

And in Norway:

The fish competition stage of the Lembeh vs Gulen Shootout started early at Gulen, with the team heading out to see if the animals they had found the day before were still in situ. As is the way with these events, some had moved on….

Nevertheless, the Gulen team managed to create a stunning body of work. Such is the quality that it is hard to remember that these images were taken in 8°C green water. Perhaps there is a salutary lesson in this for those of us that live in temperate climes; you can find amazing macro subjects just about anywhere….

Please see Wetpixel’s reports from the previous days too.

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