Video: Just Like You by Rafa Herrero

Just Like You on Wetpixel

Rafa Herrero has posted his amazing short film and call to action “Just Like You” on the Wetpixel forums. He describes his subjects and the filming:

Pilot whales live in groups of several individuals having close matrilineal relationships. They have a complex social structure which is very similar to ours, making them to be on top of the evolutionary chain in the ocean. They have familiar and friendship bonds for life that get stronger due to the long periods on the surface, the social interactions and a life expectancy of 60-70 years.

They are wonders of evolution, 5 meters long, weighing almost three tonnes and able to reach 30 kilometers per hour holding their breath. Their powerful tails drive them a thousand meters deep.

The Canary Islands and Hawaii are the only two places in the world which have resident populations.

For us who call ourselves human beings, it is a great responsibility to protect not only their survival but also their welfare. These amazing animals are still being hunted by the Faroese and Japanese.

Shot with Red Epic Dragon with an H2O OLPF filter and Rouge housing from Amphibico. It was filmed in 6K and then edited to 2KWS. The free diver featured is Miguel Lozano, Silver medalist at the 2015 World Depth Championship.