Video: Manatee by Joe Romeiro

Manatee by Joe Romeiro on Wetpixel

Filmmaker Joe Romeiro has posted a sample of his manatee footage, most of which was shot at Crystal River, Florida. Joe shot it all on a RED EPIC housed in a Nauticam housing with a glass Zen dome in 5k at about 95 fps . In terms of shooting, Joe comments:

I just tried to work the best time of day for light and least amount of people . I try not to disturb the animals at all and, at times, I just sat back and enjoyed playing with the water and the light through the lens . Florida’s Crystal Springs are amazing for this with glass calm still water and diverse animals to add to its gorgeous backdrops. How could any photographer ask for anything more? I have more footage than I know what to do with from those days . I did also witness a pod of dolphins feeding cooperatively on fish at late dusk. They would coral them and the fish would jump over a wave and into the waiting mouths of their cohorts. Amazing to see. Sad I could not film it but we all sat there in awe watching it.