Video: Nikon Z6 Subject Tracking AF testing by Manny Ortiz

Nikon on Wetpixel

In February, Nikon released updated firmware for their Z6 and Z7 mirrorless cameras. Version 3.00 offered an improvement to subject-tracking AF. Specifically, the F1 and F2 buttons can be used to initiate autofocus, and “subject-tracking AF enabled in photo mode has been changed to more closely resemble that of the 3D-tracking option for digital SLR cameras.”

Photographer Manny Ortiz has been testing the performance of the Z6’s subject tracking AF, and has produced the following video. It should be noted that it is not underwater.

For completeness, here is the full list of changes contained in the 3.00 firmware update:

Note: For information on the license for the open-source software included in the camera’s NVM Express driver, see “BSD License (NVM Express Driver)”.