Wetpixel Live: Alex Mustard 20:20 Photo Collection Part 2

Wetpixel Editor, Adam Hanlon is hosting a monthly feature on the ADEX Pixel platform, entitled “Conversations with the Masters of Underwater Imaging.” These are presented live on the 8th of each month and are available to then view via the platform’s YouTube channel to. Earlier this year, Adam and [Alex Mustard]((http://www.amustard.com) teamed up on two episodes to present a virtual gallery featuring one of Alex’s images from each of the past 20 years. Here is the second part of this fascinating and insightful journey through his photographic career.

Wetpixel Live is a YouTube channel devoted to short films helping explain the hard-edged information people need to improve their underwater images. To see more of the channel and to be informed about new releases, please head on over to the channel and subscribe.