Wetpixel Picture of the Year 2011 results announced

Wetpixel Picture of the Year 2011.

Wetpixel’s Picture of the Year 2011 competition has now finished. Many thanks to all who voted for their favorite images and it is great to have had so strong a response to all the images. The winner, who will receive a trip on Solmar V as a prize, is Alexis Tabah, with his turtle in Snell’s window. Second prize went to Nicholas Samaras. third to Dany Weinberg, fourth to Stephen Holinski and fifth to Alex Tattersall. They will all receive prizes from Ikelite, Nauticam USA or Reef Photo and Video.

The competition has received a staggering amount of public interest, with the winning images getting over 2,500 votes each. Congratulations to all Picture of the Week winners, and especial congratulations to the winners of Picture of the Year 2011.

First place image from POTW 376 by Alexis Tabah.

Second place image from POTW 367 by Nicholas Samaras.

Third place image from POTW 396 by Dany Weinberg.

Fourth place image from POTW 377 by Stephen Holinski.

Fifth place image from POTW 366 by Alex Tattersall.

Once again, many thanks the the Wetpixel Picture of the Year sponsors: