Wetpixel Shark Expedition, March 2006

UPDATE 5/30/05: Trip is booked full.  Get in contact with me to get on the waiting list/notification list (we may run a second trip).

If this image doesn’t convince you to come with us to the Bahamas next year, I don’t know what will!

Trip dates are March 12-20, 2006, and will (weather permitting) resemble this year’s trip, with numerous tiger sharks and great hammerhead posing for photographs.

Wetpixel 2005 Shark Expedition Participants

Wetpixel co-admins James Wiseman and Alex Mustard will be joining me to ensure that your photography needs are well taken care of.  Contact me via e-mail (my first name @ wetpixel.com) for more information! 

I’ve also set up a new mailing list at Google Groups that I’ll use to announce the availability of new travel journals and trips I’m involved in.  I won’t spam you—it will only be used for ECHENG travel info broadcasts. :)