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  2. Before Covid DAN, VISA platin card plus "Fairsicherung" for photographic equipment seemed enough for our needs... If travelling by plane now (MAYBE it will come so far in September) I will make a special, additional, insurance for covid associated risks... Wolfgang
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  4. I would just call Backscatter directly. I'm sure they can help you troubleshoot this over the phone.
  5. No adaptor or quick release Lens directly screwed on to housing I have the m52 lens that comes as a package with the tg6 Yes, supposed to have no vignetting at the widest but it's clearly there
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  7. Need to confirm a few things to get to the bottom of this - Are you using any type of adapter or quick release setup between the port and the lens? I note your lens is labelled AOI - I know the backscatter lens is made by AOI, but is it the same lens as the backscatter one? The AOI version is called the AOI UWL-400A. Vignetting can be caused if the wet lens is mounted too far from the camera lens and some wet lenses need to be zoomed in until the vignetting stops. The Backscatter lens is supposed to have no vignetting at the widest on the TG-6 though.
  8. My Subal port for the 105mm lens is starting to develop that "bloom" now. I'll give Mother a go.....
  9. I have probably tried all of the easily available rubber compositions for ball o-rings ranging from nitrile through fluorosilicone and silicone. For me the best at keeping arms put is the standard orange silicone from McMaster or the o-ring store. In my hands at least softer is better for keeping arms in place, but you need to unscrew the clamp a bit to get them to slide easily. Bill
  10. FYI - in case anyone is wondering, this housing will also work with a 5D Mark IV, you can send the housing back to SEACAM and have it converted for a reasonable price. Once converted though, you can’t switch it back to 5D Mark III housing. GLWS!
  11. As Chris already pointed out, you will need a plug to attach over/on the diffuser of the housing. That plug takes the camera end of the optical cable. Picture here gives an idea http://www.divervision.com/olympus-pt-058-housing-inon-d-200-strobe-set-for-olympus-tg-5-tg-6.html (added cut out) That "cap" is not included in a "cable set", you'll need the "Optical D Cable Type L / Cap W Set" And according to the table at the bottom of the Inon page, you'll need the right version that fits to your housing. Hope you have a decent local dealer who understands what you need. Good luck!
  12. Thanks for that - at least now we are talking about the same thing! It is really odd. I would have thought you screw/bayonet it on and you're done. Time zones differences don't help on corresponding with them of course. But, as you say, let's see what they say.
  13. yeah its simply screw on I haven't tried but I'm fairly certain if I zoom it, it won't show the hood physics.. its this lens: https://www.backscatter.com/Backscatter-M52-Underwater-0.50X-120-Wide-Angle-Wet-Lens 120 Degrees Wide Sharp Corners No Vignetting Anti Reflection Coating Zoom Through for Tighter Shots Includes Dome Cover, Rear Lens Cap, Custom Backscatter Travel Case I've emailed backscatter but they take ages (more than a day to respond) lets see what they say
  14. Thanks. It certainly looks setup right. This is what the Backscatter website says: 81° Underwater Field of View Sharp Corners No Vignetting Anti-Reflection Coating Zoom Through for Tighter Shots Works with TG-5 & TG-6 Microscope Mode for macro while installed Is it the same problem through all off the camera zoom range? It's odd. It looks as though it is screw-on and go. Can you go back to the supplier?
  15. Hi. I am Selling Aquatech Elite 2 Sport Housing for NikonZ7/Z72/Z6/Z62 and Nikon D850 (with conversion kit included) Everything is in excellent condition. some parts (like the flash and flash housing never been used. This is the perfect kit for surfing/snorkeling/split shots. It is up to 30 feet/10 M depth approved. It has all the accessories for convenient shooting. Just add your camera... Total package including everything is 2200$ . All cables and connectors are all complete and included. I would like to sell everything together. Main components are: Aquatech Elite 2 Sport Housing for NikonZ7/Z72/Z6/Z62 D850 option (dedicated mounting base and back) Please notice that all major functions of the Nikon Z6/62/7/72 are operated from the housing above or under water. If you use this housing with the Nikon D850 - only focus/shutter is possible when going underwater/in water. PD-85 Lens Port (for wide angle shots and split shots) P65 port + extension ring ( for Short to Medium Length Prime Lenses) LUX Flash Housing (and Godox flash) all functions can be operated underwater Nikon Zoom Gear for Nikon 14-30s AquaTech Replacement O-Ring Kit Elite II / Base II Water Housing Pro Mount V3 Lens Port Caps Front & Rear M3 Pistol Grip Sport Housing Leash Housing Grease X3 Side Handle Mount Happy to email photos upon request. Willing to ship internationally at buyers cost.
  16. thanks for your help, Tim but its a wide angle - why would I use it in microscope mode? This comment is obviously directed at backscatter and not you I've seen multiple videos on this lens and backscatter but no mention if it requires any software setup strange very strange photographs here: http://imgur.com/a/kMULF70
  17. Oh right. Just googled the lens now and, yeah, sorry, I can see now how it fits on to the camera etc. Very strange you are having that problem. The Backscatter website says it works in Microscope Mode. Are you using that? Can you attach a pic of the setup?
  18. Just got back from a very good week's diving off the island of Saba in the Dutch Caribbean - from the Caribbean Explorer II liveaboard which I can recommend. Mid-week I jumped in for one of the dives and, to my horror, when switching one of my Retra Primes on underwater (at about 75' and a good way from the boat!). I got the red/blue flashing battery compartment leak detector signal. SCREAM. Conditions were quite rough, the boat was a good distance away, there was no bubbles coming from the strobe battery door - and I did not want to screw things up for my partner. So I switched the strobe off.... and pressed on. And I noticed a long brown hair wafting and caught in the battery door (mine are grey) At the end of a 45 minute dive I got back on the boat and, with trepidation in my heart, unscrewed the battery compartment door: a small drop of water slid out. One of the batteries (Eneloops) has just started to corrode and there was a slight corrosion mark on one of the battery terminals at the bottom of the Retra battery compartment. A wash with fresh water, a spray with contact cleaner and a good air dry... and the system looked as good as new; and worked flawlessly thereafter. Phew. Lessons Learned? Don't put your photo gear near anyone with long hair; if you have time, quick strobe rinse tank test; the Retra battery compartment system saved the day; do not, whatever else you might do, suggest to your girlfriend/partner/buddy that "the hair looked like one of yours".
  19. I was able to remove the hood but it appears that its not designed to be used without the hood as it took an allen key something appears strange with this
  20. Sure. If it's hex screws it should be easy to remove - if you have the right screwdriver!
  21. appears to be bolted onto lens via 4 hex screws ill see if I can remove it
  22. I have it like that and same issue. If I reverse it, its even more amplified obviously.
  23. Interceptor 121, The main reason for shooting anamorphic is the wide aspect. Reef scapes and large pelagics would look more natural than with using an ultra wide (weitwinkel) angle lens. The flare is not the reason. Check out anamorphic video : https://youtu.be/yNkCzbgGqOY
  24. OK, have you actually got the lens hood on inside the port? If so, can you just take it off? Then try.
  25. No extension ring Lens designed to screw in directly to housing port
  26. Or do you have the right extension ring and the lens is too far back in the port?
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