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    Thanks Adam, and thank you everyone for your patience! Hopefully we've ironed out most of the issues from the update and server migration but if you find anything amiss please let us know. One thing I've just spotted is the country flag under a members details is not working, I will try to get that fixed asap. cheers tsg
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    With the exception of macro destinations where you can 'rent your guide' I have always found difficult to have a satisfactory trip using standard diving trips or liveaboards Especially with liveaboards it seems that there is a set timetable and itinerary to follow and most importantly you only dive a site once typically maybe twice so just where you were at the point of knowing how to take a shot you move elsewhere. I have been doing the Alex Mustard workshop in the Red Sea now for 3 times and although there is always something to learn as I have already worked in the same area as diving instructor what I really would like is to have the flexibility on the itinerary and just go in the water and shoot. I am sure other advanced divers and photographers fell like that so I looked at chartering a boat on my own but I need to some partners in crime to do it as obviously a whole boat to myself is a tad expensive. As I know the area I would be happy to share my tips on how I approach the sites and subjects but I am by no mean someone that can host a workshop and also I do not want to compete with all the friends that do this as a job. My local diving club does the standard diving trips so I was wondering if anyone would like to join me. Boat living from Sharm El Sheikh most likely 24-31 of August and we are talking about 10 spaces small boat away from the crowds Itinerary Abu Nuhas and the wrecks Thistlegorm Ras Mohammed and Shark Reef Maybe Jackson reef if reported sharks around I am interested also in feedback on the idea and this is no profit am just covering my own costs. Also not for UK divers (sorry guys) as I do not want to step on other friends territory so mostly looking at people in US, MEA, APAC, Russia etc. Cost should be around $1395 flights excluded to be confirmed further
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    I guess we need to actually use WP to find the issues. Did find signature editing a second ago!
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    Thanks for the bug reports guys. - I have re-enabled signatures. - we are aware of the 0% profile issue, it is not registering complete profile if any of the fields are empty, I'm looking at it now. - we will find a better solution for recent topics, please bear with us!
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    Hi Aviator8 I may have some news for you following discussions with Keldan. I am waiting for some feedback from Dr Mustard then maybe I am going to shoot a video tutorial



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