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    The Meikon wet dome isn't a true lens like, say, a Nauticam WWL-1 or Inon UWL-H100 - it's only a dome with air inside, so its effect is limited to restoring the lenses in-air field of view. Basically, when you put a lens behind a flat port and take it underwater, its angle of view shrinks by about a third due to refraction - Meikon's wet dome cancels this effect, similar to how a dry dome port would do the same, but it doesn't otherwise affect the optical properties of the lens. 'Real' wet wide lenses have multiple lens elements inside, and widen the camera's field of view significantly, but of course they cost a lot more.
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    I now have a much better feeling for the difficulties of running workshops. Last week I was cajoled into leading a photo workshop for Blue Water Photo on a Rocio Del Mar trip to the Northern Sea of Cortez. On the trip there were only 4 photographers (2 novices, two relatively accomplished ) and teaching this group was quite challenging. After every dive I would go over the photos with each person and try to get them to change their approaches appropriately. The only thing that really worked was to leave my camera on the boat; give the group a set of extremely explicit instructions (shoot each of the 4 common bennies/gobies head on) and then set up the shot for each of them to get what I was saying. That worked but nothing in the class lectures seemed to have a very big effect. Running such workshops is hard and in spite of the large amount of 1on1 instruction at the end of the week there was a lot less improvement than I would liked to have seen. Of course it was probably my teaching style that was at fault but I have a lot more respect for the folks that run big workshops. Bill



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