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    Underwater photography is a bit of a wide concept. If you are talking about wide angle photography, you will not find in lights the same power you can get from strobes. I use lights, cause I make both video and photo with them, but from my (short) experience with my mirrorless, the difference is certainly in the range of several stops even if you use lights of 8 / 10.000 lumen. I can't talk about macro. Inviato dal mio ASUS_Z017D utilizzando Tapatalk
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    I just arrived to West Palm Beach. We leave tomorrow. Hopefully weather cooperates. Not looking too good right now. I’ll post some thoughts next weekend when we get back.
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    I use a Sony a9 with their 28-70 and the Nauticam WACP. Results are fantastic!!! Sony's 28-70 is still sold as new lens. I'll be using this setup again this October with the tiger sharks.



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