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    Nice work, I can see why they would want to use that for marketing.
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    I am reading here with interest and can answer the last question: for equisolid fisheye diagonal AOV's are 180-98 degree for Tokina 10mm - 17mm and 160-79 degree for 8-15mm with 1.4x converter (=11.2-21mm), both on DX. Wolfgang
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    I’ve have had two D1s for a number of years without problem. But with S&S apparently not standing behind their product, according to Reef Photo comment, I’ll not consider any of their products when replacement time comes. In today’s market, it’s inexcusable that a manufacturer would not admit a mistake and cast their customers adrift without support.
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    I agree with most of what you are saying, but I am quite sure that no strobe manufacturer would agree to supply repair or replacement parts to anyone other than an authorized repair facility. Strobes have big capacitors in them that can hurt you if you don't know what you are doing. Not as bad as some scientific gear based on capacitors (we had a nitrogen laser in our lab that had a label that said "touching the capacitors when charged will lead to death with a high degree of certainty) but still bad enough. I am pretty sure it would be tough to get insurance to cover that kind of risk. For me, when I have a failed strobe I send it to Devin at Pacific Housing, he can get parts and is considerably faster than either S&S or Inon. Cheers Bill
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    I regret buying my YS-D2 strobes. Bought one very slightly used (i.e. no warranty), and one new. The new one was messed up upon arrival. It would flash itself every few seconds while underwater with no provoking. Bluewater replaced that one for me. The replacement for that ended up with the burnt flash tube like in this thread like 6 months later. That one was replaced with the D2J yellow version. Now the first D2 that I bought (the not truly new one) no longer changes output strength when I turn the dial. Stuck in one setting only. Was fine for 2 years and now this. My dive buddy had a YS-01 fail on her as well. Wouldn't fire and perpetually charging the capacitor while getting hot. Don't buy from Sea & Sea. Retra or Inon only at this point.
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    You could argue both ways on the battery cap issue. To me the key with INON o-rings is to use enough grease, the just enough to make it shiny instruction which is right for housing o-rings doesn't really apply to INON o-rings. The issue is the sliding motion as you screw on the cap wipes the grease away, so if they are well greased they screw on easily and the risk of twisting is minimised. In addition the transparent cap allows you to inspect the o-ring and you can see the sealing surface easily through the cap and tell if it is twisted or there is hair or grit. I was actually convinced on the INON when I bought it as the dealer argued that the INON had a better battery cap arrangement. The Manual I agree is terrible but they are not that hard to understand and there are a few online guides available which cut through the crap and tell you how to use them. As for reliability there are a number of threads on S&S reliability but not so much on INON, there's internet amplification to consider but that should apply equally to both brands. The one issue with the INONs was the small knobs which has been addressed with the latest Z330. Another point in favour if the INONs is the slave sensor is much more sensitive compared to S&S. If we are talking Z-330 vs YS-D2J the INON is also significantly more powerful even though they have the same guide number more or less as the Z-330 has a much wider beam. The S&S has an 80° beam without diffuser and the INON 110° without diffuser. If you add the 100° diffusers the S&S becomes guide no 24 and GN 20 with the 120° diffuser. INON offers a -0.3EV soft diffuser which maintains 110° and just softens light and gives a guide no of 27.
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    Hello Photographers I would like to share with you my story with YS-D2 Strobe , i have this Strobe form one and half years light used , it was so perfect with me , last time when i was diving i have a problem the strobe level control come out of control it was firing only in full power even when i adjust the control level to low power , at home i change cable and mode but still same problem ( only firing full power ) . i send email for Sea&Sea Company to tell them my issue if they can repair the strobe but until today i did not get any response from them , and i send email for the shop i buy it from he tell me the Strobe not under warranty any more , and cost for repairing this problem will be close to for the new one cost , he recommended to me buy new one. i come depressed after his email, for last chance i take the strobe for local camera shop in my country the technician say he need few days to check the strobe after 5 days they call to tell me they need to change small electronic part and interior O-ring the cost will be ( 40 $ ) . after repairing i check it at home was working very well and use it now in more than 15 dives it's working perfect Strobe before repairing Strobe after repairing
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    Humans are really stupid animals.... We should enjoy what we get to see, and we have the luxury to fix these moments for others. Beeing an instructor, it was allways a have to do for me, to show people a bit about the underwater world, and to tell them how lucky we are, simply to have a chance watching this real. I have seen divers / photographers watching a scene, and while swimming away kicking the animal from ist original place.... Divers, taking a pic of a pygmy in a fan, and kicking the next fan with their fins, so if there was a pygmy, it would have thought this will be the end of the world... For the "best shot" putting animals to places they would never go... And riscing the live of that poor thing... It looks on land, like there is only me, than me and than, after a long break maybe something else... Under water without witness, it can be even worse... So ist our job to save of the underwaterworld as much as possible. To tell people what stupid things they were doing, even when this means to get unfriendly answers. Who else than a photographer archieves things there??? If you visit some places for years, you see the changes. And we can document it, and tell the people why... Sorry for the Long message, but i think ist time to give the "blue" part of the planet a bit back of what we take.... Regards, Wolfgang
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    Just take pics of things how it is, leave the marine life be. I really thought this was common sense, or at least hoped it was.
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    Humans are insane! I've seen do it in Indo with the flamboyant. I think the main focus point has to be: Education. PADI and any other agency, instead to brainwashing students in buying equipment, should have at least one chapter focus in Marine Bio. Because that is what divers are gonna see! We need to educate'em in the first steps of diving! and, just to answer: not biggie at all!



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