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    Hi to all, The Sea&Sea M77 (or M82) correction lens is a great tool for rectilinear wide angle lens. The M77 is a meniscus lens which offers a compensation of the dome port. That compensation increasings the perifpheral sharpness more than closing the aperture over f/16 , where the diffraction became a waste. I use Sea&Sea MDX-D800 with Nikon 17-35/2.8 +Sea&Sea M77 behind the 240 dome + ER40+ER20 (extension ring). Also the Nikon 18-35/3.5-4.5 AFs + Sea&Sea M77 offers good results using the same 240 dome + ER40+ER20. Very good result for me is from the old Tokina AT-X 17/3.5 AF Aspherical (thanks to Adam indications) + Sea&Sea M77 and extension ring 40mm (dome 240+ER40) for more compact asset. Tokina 17 has an MFD shorter than the two Nikon wide zoom and it's better in any case. I'd like to try newest 230 glass dome in the future..... but the future is mirrorless! For nikon user (like me) is a difficult time, today we have few choices for Z system (native) and too old lens for F.
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    FOV issues aside, here is Pawel's take on IQ of the lens: http://24x7.com.au/Optics/Nikonos/index.htm :)) One advantage of the lens over the rectilinear/dome system is size and weight. It is also relatively cheap. ian
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    Thanks for the replies on this. @Colin. Impressive shots there! Very sharp from edge to edge and this is the allure of the WACP. When you need wide angle you need it. But historically its been hard to have sharp edges as we all know. Two optics address this very nicely...Nikonos and now the WACP. But when a unique opportunity arises and I need to zoom in to crop as tight as I need ...well then I need that ability to do so ...but optically on the spot , not afterwards throwing half my res away. So very nice examples of the WACP and it helps immensely to visualize what it can do. Thanks for your input. @Tom. It is true that neither is ideal for a portrait but its the best compromise to date I think. I need longer more than I need wider for my application but I do need wider at times. Not easy. But I guess this business never was.Nice shot of the Manta Ray! Do you have the WACP? If you were starting again which way would you go? Stars and Stripes in Germany..... that most likely means an Army brat. I was lucky I never had to live on base and drag my kids around with me as my posting never moved. @Interceptor. You are right, 24mm is not a portrait length at all. It's a quandary. I suppose one answer is to carry two rigs at all times..... OK so that's the part that I was missing.....X 0.36. Now it makes much more sense. I will only be shooting full frame from here on out. I will keep the D2X for macro only. I just bought Ian Marsh's old Seacam D800 setup to get some bubble time on before I go into a higher end full frame. One cant argue that the D850 seems to have some sort of mojo to the images that anything else so far seems to lack. So yes my application of WACP is for full frame. I have another need as well...video. So the WACP kills two birds with one stone, so there is that. The Nikonos wont help me with video and it's a pricey optic. Its a dilemma for sure. I do need those head and pectoral fin shots but I also need environment shots as well. Seems there is no answer for this yet. Going a little off topic but while I have the brightest minds here, I have the 105mm for the D800. Is the 60mm of much use on full frame for portraits? I have the D2x for macro with a 60mm on it already. Is there a good reason why we can't have an SCP port (Super correction Port)? You know, from 10mm to 105mm, super sharp from edge to edge at all focal lengths? We have super computers that could crunch the numbers for weeks or months to get the correct optical formula after all. If Dick Tracey could talk into his smartwatch 50 years ago already, why can't we have this in the 21st century ?
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    It takes a loooong time to get to the Maldives (south of India in case you didn't know) but the diving is fabulous, the people are wonderful, and it's well worth the effort. We just got back from 9 days on the Manthiri, had a fabulous time, and wanted to share our experiences with you. Below you'll find the links to the trip report as well as the overall picture page, which contains 12 teaser pix plus links to the full SmugMug slideshow (view it as a single-page collage, click on individual pix for full-screen, or choose "slideshow"). There are also links to the five short videos we created during the trip as well, which includes the Manta Feeding Aggregation at Raa Atoll (even though the title says Baa). You've got to look at at east that one. WAAAAY cool and amazing experience. Enjoy!!! And let me know if you have question or comments (or want to reserve your spot now for our next journey there). MALDIVES 2019 TRIP REPORT MALDIVES 2019 PIX PAGE: 12 TEASER PIX with SMGMUG & VIDEO LINKS - Ken
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    I've used the WACP with 28-70mm on several trips over the past year and am impressed with its versatility of FOV range. I believe that is about as close as you’ll get to having your cake and eating it; for now, with full frame. Some examples. At the narrow end (70mm->75degrees): http://www.underwaterdisplay.net/dive63/FJ190513_3215.jpg http://www.underwaterdisplay.net/dive63/FJ190514_3382.jpg At the wide end (28mm->130degrees): http://www.underwaterdisplay.net/dive64/MOR20191007_5670.jpg http://www.underwaterdisplay.net/dive64/MOR20191004_4678.jpg Downside is weight in lugging this beast down a beach but once in the water it’s a thing of beauty. In Moorea recently we did a lot of swimming in the blue and there wasn’t much difference in water resistance (possibly less) between my rig and those using large domes.
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    I can add a little bit of information here. I've been diving with a D810 for three years, and a D850 for 6 months, and a 16-35vr for wide angle. I use a Nauticam 230mm dome on a 90 mm extension port. Apparently 70mm extensions were recommended in the past, along with a +2 diopter. For years I tried the 16-35 with and without the diopter, but I was always disappointed in the edge and corner performance, I wondered why I spent so much money and effort on wide angle only to get shots I always had to crop. Then I added the Sea and Sea 77mm internal correction filter. Night and day improvement!!! I have little else to compare, and nothing in the DSLR world, but if you are going for the 16-35, I'd certainly recommend the Sea & Sea lens along with 90mm extension and the 230mm dome.



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