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    The way I work is to use filter in the first 12 meters where the color rendering is good. Actually the URPRO can go deeper however you have a great housing with a flip which means you can get rid of the filter and use the lights The ambient filter becomes useful in situations where you are at shallow depth and are in the shadow or you want to have colors in the foreground and background that are homegenous For a close up you are going to use the lights as primary source so take filters off because you can If you keep the filter on at close range on both you need to make sure you white balance for the dominant light not on ambient because the light with the filter will be predominant. For example you are at 10 meters and your ambient filter is 12 if you balance for environment you set for 10 but at close range it will be like 12 meters because of the lights and you end up with cool colors or cast which is what happened to you With a housing like the gates you have the flexibility required use the ambient filter only in mixed light situation and skip otherwise
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    Hi, i was using the same camera and the Olympus 12mm f2 with iso 800.... And still motion blurr.... Mostly passing by in some distance, water green and not very clear... We had only one time the shark was realy filling the frame.... The dives start very early, and deep, so not a lot of light.... Make sure you do more than one, even then that one was not good.... We did 5 in two weeks, two were bad, ontwo were ok, the last was great ;-))) Had the 8mm Pana and the 12-50mm Oly and the 60mm Oly with me. There was some nice tiny stuff as well. For me the reason to go back to a Nikon DX camera afterwards.... Regards, Wolfgang PS: here you can find some pics from that combi... http://reefdesign.eu/malapascua-2016.html
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