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    I sell 1 x #18811 Nauticam N120 140mm Optical Glass Fisheye Port: 750 Euro + shipping 1 x #19150 Nauticam Zoom Gear for Nikon 8-15 Fisheye: 120 Euro + shipping 1 x #18809 Nauticam N120 180mm Optical Glass Wideangle Port: 770 Euro + shipping 1 x #21180 Nauticam N120 Extension Ring 80mm: 190 Euro + shipping 1 x #21170 Nauticam N120 Extension Ring 70mm: 180 Euro+ shipping All Items in mint condition max. 1-2 trips used, no scratches on glass. Shipping free in Europe, all other countries on costs to be checked Regards Sascha
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    I did express myself a bit muddily. I was thinking: The WACP and, IIRC, the WWL-1 are 0.36x converters working from 28 mm equivalent*, giving a 28-70 mm lens (equiv) a field of view corresponding to 10-25 mm. I haven't done the calculation right now (still early...) but I think 10 mm equiv is 130 degrees. If this one gives 130 degrees at 24 mm equivalent, that should correspond to a 10/24 = 0.42x converter. With the amount of workable zoom-through depending on specific camera/port. Is that wrong? *with "28 mm equivalent" I mean a focal length giving, on the camera in question, a field of view equivalent to 28 mm focal length on a full frame camera.
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    IATA is the minimum standard. Airlines can impose additional baggage rules. Check out this summary from Virgin Australia: https://www.virginaustralia.com/eu/en/plan/baggage/batteries/ Note the last line of the table that says NiMH batteries as spares (not in equipment) may not be checked in. Also limited to 20. I usually travel with 48 spare AA eneloops (6 strobes x 4 batteries x 2 sets) and tbh usually check them in without issue. But according to the airline this is not allowed and they can choose to enforce whatever additional requirements they feel like. Or whatever interpretation the check in person has, which may be quite different from the security person's interpretation. In short, check and print the airline page! If asked, smile and produce said page while being non-confrontational about it.



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