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    Ultralight New Style Clamp 1/4-28 thread I have 7 @ $25 each Ultralight 5in Double Ball Arm I have 4 @ $37.50 each Single Ball Arm 2in $14 Buyer pays all fees and shipping
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    Only used 10 times. Comes with original box and all attachments. $600 Buyer pays all fees and shipping.
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    Sataya is an outer reef that you can reach on a day snorkelling trip from Benerice south of Marsa Alam in Egypt home to 80+ doplhins in at least 3 pods I went there with my family and whilst my daughter was finning around I was shooting video I took few stills all breathholding to a depth between 0 and 10 meters those are the outcomes, as I was carrying an ND8 filter to avoid the shutter to go to fast at the surface the deeper shots are at ISO 1000 but still look good on the GH5 Crossroads by Interceptor121, on Flickr Sprinting by Interceptor121, on Flickr the Pod by Interceptor121, on Flickr Follower by Interceptor121, on Flickr
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    Has anyone bought and used the Kraken Ring Light 3000? It looks like a good solution for the macro photographer for creating a smaller rig. I've always liked the ring flash for macro work, and have one for land use. It seems that it would be nice to have underwater as well.
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    Technically they are very different, and have different specifications. For details of each product better contact to manufacturers.
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    Nikon 105mm VR Noodilab x3.8 close up lens diopter Nauticam extension ring 30 with lock £800GBP Only used on 2 trips Also.... Inon z240 type 4 Underwater Gorillapod Nikon 70-300 VR
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    I have one display unit of Hugyfot D300 for sale. Offer USD 2990. Housing body (like new) complete with Hugy-check valve and pump. Shipping by buyer. David



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