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    Hey all! I've just finished a group of video tutorials designed for all levels of u/w photographers to speed up their editing workflow: -> tutorials.brentdurand.com/editing The videos (and companion articles) cover Presets, Collections and Target Collections, Watermarks and more. Are there other topics you'd like covered? Shoot me a DM if so. Thanks, and enjoy!
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    Hello everybody, I just returned from a 3 week trip to Indonesia. My first week was spent in Lembeh with NAD Lembeh and had the opportunity to go on my first black water dives. Needless to say I quickly became addicted and didnt miss any dives. A quick review of my experience with NAD Lembeh. I will echo most of the reviews I have seen on the website regarding my experience, it was phenomenal. Although this was my first trip to Lembeh and thus have nothing else to compare it to I will say that I will not be staying anywhere else during any future visits. I had a nice room by the beach, bed was very comfortable and AC worked to perfection. The food was fantastic, and they were very accommodating since I am vegetarian. The dive boats are great with ample room for all on board. The staff carry all your equipment to and from the dive boat and set it up, including the camera. The camera room was very ample with lots of charging space. There are computers to edit/post but I did not take advantage of this service. Since I was in a room by myself I had my own dive guide/buddy/photographic assistant which was Andri. He was great, very patient and never in any rush to move on. It didnt matter whether we spent 30 seconds or 30 minutes in a subject there was never any rush. Here are a few shots taken during black water. Critique highly encouraged. Many more to come including during regular dives. Many more posted on Flickr. Larval wonderpus Blackwater-2 by Karyll Gonzalez, on Flickr Blackwater-2 by Karyll Gonzalez, on Flickr Larval mimic octopus, maybe? blackwater-7 by Karyll Gonzalez, on Flickr blackwater (1 of 1) by Karyll Gonzalez, on Flickr Larval long arm octopus blackwater (1 of 1)-5 by Karyll Gonzalez, on Flickr Larval Long Arm Octopus by Karyll Gonzalez, on Flickr blackwater (1 of 1)-6 by Karyll Gonzalez, on Flickr
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    Well cared for Inon Z-240 (Type 4) strobes for sale. 2 Strobes. All original contents (spare parts) and 2 sets of different power defusers. They work great. Here's what Backscatter says about them. "The Z-240 is INON's flagship model designed for professionals demanding high performance lighting with modern digital camera systems, and film camera systems. The Z-240 provides high performance, innovative features and versatility in a package about one half the size of conventional strobes"
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    About a year and a half ago, I got a package of wheel balance weights on Amazon and glued about a pound's worth to the back of my dome - they come on sticky pads so nothing extra is needed. Not a single one has loosened so far, and 7 grams per weight allow for fine-tuning of buoyancy and trim.
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    Thanks for the feedback. That information helps me decide what I'd like to do. I also coincidentally ran into a person on a dive boat in Hawaii with this exact camera and I asked him a ton if questions about it. He mentioned the 45 viewfinder, among other things, which I had not even considered. I have some more research on accessories but I think I'm sold on the camera.
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    Hi fellows photographers, my name is Ivan and I am based in Singapore. Aquatica AEM1MKII user and also working with an Aquatica authorised service center in Asia. Can we do a roll call of our fellow users around the world and which system you are currently using?
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    I would take a look at the new Backscatter Ministrobe. It also has a paired snoot for your macro work. All the marketing material features a TG5/6 so it seems to have been pretty much designed with that camera in mind.
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    16mm (wide angle) and flat port is the problem. This is the borderline and a dome port is recommended to avoid blured edges. You may try the 30mm macro lens. It's relatively cheap and will fit to your port (most probably)



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