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    You are in LA? Why not call into Blue Water photo and ask for an opinion, They are in Culver City. I have called in there a couple of times and they have been very helpful - you want to check if the vacuum electronics are working if they are not there is $$ there to replace. I would think it would need a complete disassembly and service to allow you to clean all the gunk out. Find out out how much a complete overhaul would be and see if that cost plus the housing price would still be reasonable.
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    Thanks for the complements all! Joe - I've actually got a 9+ minute tutorial video all about adjusting white balance in Lightroom in my VIP Video Series. It focuses on Lightroom, as I generally leave white balance on auto for still images. Note that these videos are part of a paid series that supplements all the free videos on my YouTube Channel. -> Correcting White Balance in Lightroom -> Photo Editing: Humpback Whales in Ambient Light (this covers white balance as part of a specific editing workflow) Enjoy!
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    They are only $630 new, shipped, and no complaint about PayPal fees. Maybe you need to lower your price if you really need to sell it.
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    Haven't had a chance to look at them yet, but covering white balance would be a good one.
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    thanks for some informative videos
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    Thanks tubestance! This is exactly what I needed.



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