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    Val, I shoot the AX100 with the Gates housing. I mostly use the flip down blue water filter or 10,000 lumen light at depth. When I do use white balance I have three favorites, wife's white fins, silver tank or white sand. I was told that for the Sony system a white card with "red" squares on it provides the best manual WB. It takes away the "sometimes redish" tint while using white balance. I'm satisfied so far; not toting a slate around. I Shoot 4K, 30 FPS as well. I set ISO to Auto and cap the upper limits. I'm sure you will get some great advice on this blog.
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    I use a Nikon D800 in Nauticam, which does everything I need. However, it's far too heavy for me in my dotage. I am tempted by the Sigma fp with a Nikonos 15mm in Pawel Achtel's new titanium housing. I seldom like the fisheye look and don't shoot macro.
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    Very nice. I use a very similar setup these days, just using the Sony Z90 camera, which is almost identical to yours. I fully agree with your comments re. advantages of a dedicated video housing / camera. After I sold my Sony AX100 I used the GH5 and never really warmed up to it. Nice camera nonetheless. On ND Filters: I have used them underwater. When you are shallow on a sunny day, it can get very bright. Also on muck dives I sometimes by purpose use the lights on a higher level than needed and then put ND Step 1 on. This gives often a richer color spectrum. On color profiles: I use my own profiles based on the Cine1/Cine4 Profiles. Other profiles work as well. Just NEVER use HLG underwater. Looks pretty ugly. But I do use it overland.
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    Malta is not Eastern Med try Greece or Turkey you ll find the true blue you want. Sorry for the off topic Laval
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    Once I was diving in a Tuna farm in Malta and it was quite blue in essence you need open water and no bottom or reef! So even when it looks blue is not that blue as you think Raja is definitely on the green side but not pure greenwater URPRO will work fine Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Eastern Med. All the blue you want No nemos though :))
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    Val for Raja Ampat may want to also get a pair of 9 meters? As far as I remember the water is pretty dark
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    Raja Ampat blue green I have yet to dive in water that is really blue most waters are blue green anyway



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