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    I would make one correction - the amount of light you need at any given subject distance is set by the aperture. The TG series at the wide end have two apertures - f2 and f2.8 - f8 is only an ND filter you only use that to try to get black backgrounds or maybe for video in shallow water to reduce the shutter speed. f2.8 is very fast meaning the less powerful strobes are adequate, strobes like the YS-01 and INON S-2000. They are fine for compacts shooting at f2.8 - 4 and 1" sensors like a Canon G7X series where you might shoot at f5.6. They are marginally OK for m43 where you would be shooting at f8. Larger sensors need a smaller aperture (bigger f number) to get adequate depth of field and this is the main driver in wide angle work all assuming shooting at the same distance.
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    Hi Dave, yeah sure, here are a few. Like I say, taken on the A6000, Sigma 19mm f2.8 lens, Meikon housing, 1 strobe (InonZ330, some of them may have been taken with one Sea&SeaYs-02 strobe before I had the Inon). I've got a Meikon wet lens attached to the housing. The A6000 is 1.5 crop, therefore the Sigma lens is effectively about 28mm, but the wet lens widens it a bit, I'm guessing to about 20 or 22mm?? Not sure. Anyway, it's a total workhorse. Been used for I'd say about 600 dives over the last 3 years, as well as daily blasted on land. I dread to think how many clicks its done and (touch wood) it's still going. People argue that the Sony's have that 'weird colour science' but I've found it's totally fixable in LR. Here are a link to some sample images... (can't upload them direct here as it's saying I can only upload max 0.98mb. Sample images **edit** Oh and forgot to mention re video, obviously there's no 4k but it does have zebras which I use constantly and it absolutely enables you to nail exposure every time. No complaints about the auto focus either.
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    Don't write off your A6000. I've been using it UW with a Sigma 19mm and Meikon housing for a couple years now. It's a lot of bang for your buck. Don't get me wrong, I'm hoping to upgrade soon but would still recommend the A6000 to anyone. Sent from my CLT-L29 using Tapatalk



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