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    Kudos to Mike Bartick of Crystal Blue Resort, Philippines. He is the local distributor in this part of the world for the Backscatter Mini-Flash. He texted with Backscatter and received authorization to replace my unit. Can't get any better than that! Bob W
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    No problem with mine after 4 dives. Here is a pygmy shot with it... but a Sydney pygmy pipehorse Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
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    Strobe is sold. 100% buyer satisfaction! Thank you, everybody, for your kind interest.
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    Some old guys say spit a lot on the dome and rib it, so there will be no drops... I have heard as well that a fresh cut potatoe ( better its juice ) helps. And you could try anti waterdrop fluid to stop forming drops as well. All the best, looking forward for that shots, had some ideas about this topic as well, Wolfgang



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