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    This is the feedback I got from Backscatter on the MWL-1 with a 30 on m43: “If you wanted to use the 30mm macro with the MWL-1, I’d recommend using the CMC-2. Otherwise, the minimum focus distance is too close with the CMC-1. You’d basically have to be touching the subject to achieve focus. This is a pretty cool setup, but a little limited. The MWL-1 doesn’t provide the best image quality unless you shoot at really small apertures.” So not much of an endorsement for the combination. Seems like the Pana14-42 with WWL-1 and SCS make a better if larger and more expensive combo.
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    Defo the vacuum system. I really think it is the best addon I ever bought although my 45 degree VF runs it close. I bought a Vivid Leak Sentinel very soon after it was launched and cannot praise it enough. Nor the service that Miso gives from Slovenia which is exemplary. Don't let the location or possible language difficulties put you off. Postal service is quick and Miso,s English is top notch
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    The sentinel is well regarded here. I do not have one myself but from what I have read you cant go wrong with the latest V5. 16" arms are huge. I think you would get more flexibility with two arms on each side. I personally use a 5" + 8" on each side.
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    The Philippines announced on Sunday that it would institute mandatory 14 day quarantine for arrivals from China, including Hong Kong, even if only in transit. The FSM ban is the same, even if only transit, for travellers from any country, not only China with confirmed cases. This includes the US! It's going to get worse. My organization is working daily with the WHO to advise countries across Asia and the predictions are dire. Not for fatalities (this is not a particularly dangerous virus) but for economic disruption. I have staff stuck in multiple countries with no way to get home.
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    The front glass is thick and robust, it's one of the heaviest parts of the whole assembly! A few scratches here and there have absolutely no effect on lighting quality, especially under water. If somewhere down the line you decide to polish it you can use any kind of polish for acrylic glass. Or you could send it to us for a replacement. We have to add this to the Maintenance section of the user manual inside the App...
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    From a liability standpoint, hundreds of dives of solo experience means far less than a card issued by recognized training agency... As much as that might not mean much to you, it certainly means a lot when attorneys get involved. Just my 2¢...



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