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    I had a look at www.Nauticam.com and saw that the housing for EM5III is already available: https://www.nauticam.com/collections/olympus-mirrorless-housings/products/na-em5iii-housing-for-olympus-om-d-e-m5-iii-camera I must, however, say, that I am still not convinced about EM5III over EM1II: the housing comes without the handles and the shutter release lever is inferior and needs an upgrade to become comfortable ("pistol type") - then it costs similar to the NA-EM1II housing that has the handels already built in and also a very fine "shutter-lever"... There is, by the way, aEM1III soon to appear. Presumably it will have the same sensor but better processor (=faster AF) Wolfgang
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    I know that it is a little over the travel time but why not Bali? Quick look at Skyscanner shows reasonable flights for under £500 from London with one stop. It is certainly possible to get a week inc diving for under £500 so within budget. I have had some better spotters there than anywhere else and certainly no shortage of macro subjects. If you only have a week off then I have done a later flight on a Thursday and back on the Sunday giving 6(?) days diving with just over a weeks leave. Just a thought
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    Yes, you can see the difference in the following posts:
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    I'll just throw Gulen in Norway into the mix. It is coldwater diving, but they have a housereef where they hold a photo competition with Lembeh every year for macro photography. I've not personally been, but you may be able to get there for a week within budget. Obviously drysuit territory and I don't know how seasonal the underwater life there is (the competition is held in the summer). It's definitely high on my own bucket list of places to dive.
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    well you can use the wacp on the d500 and would still produce stellar results. I love the d500 (and that's after shooting the 850 a LOT) and I opted to house the d500. I have no qualms about the d500 IQ and if you pair it with great glass youre going to get great results. Use it with the 18-55 and you have pretty much the exact same versatility as the 28-70 would be on the 850. And both those lenses are incredibly cheap so im not sure the wacp should be the deciding factor between the d500 and 850 i'm not sure any of what I just said helped...



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