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    Another data point here: Issue is trying to use the single fibre optic port to trigger two strobes and it's not working. It is a different version of the housing so check if the housing you are looking at uses this same arrangement. Also check port availability. With luck you may find a user who can comment from experience.
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    Just as a couple of data points, not trying to sway you at all. About the size of the Sony RX, or typical high end P&S, this being the FIX/S90. Easy carryon, the strobe arms go in my dive bag. The case holds two D/Z strobes, wide angle wet lens, macro lens, tray and odds and ends and the camera, 19 pounds: Moving up to the NA6400 and Sony mirrorless, in the Pelican Air carryon, WWL-1 lens, CMC-2 lens, NA6400 with handles attached and two D/Z strobes, the float arms go in my dive bag, the camera and required lens in my backpack, weight is 21 pounds: I used to shoot a Nikonos III, similar size as these, I also had Ike housed SLR and they were a true hassle to carry around, not to mention filling with water regularly which tended to increase their weight notably. I would expect the same with a full frame dSLR. J
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    Another vote for the SF2300. Don’t get the newer ones with more functions. They are not needed and make operation more complicated then normal. I think in Germany Hydronalin sells Weefine and in the Netherlands there is another online store.
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    The 34.7 mm is for the MFT metabones adapter that is smaller than the Sony emount Looking at the port chart the adapter is 50mm you can see it at last page Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    As you can tell by reading this, it comes down to user experience/choice. However, Nauticam and Subal tend to lead the class.



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