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    Thanks Davide! No, I don't use red filters. For the scene at 1:58 and other parts of the video I used ambient lighting with a custom white balance set in camera with a gray card.
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    Since there are no flipadapters availible for the Nauticam Compact Port 30 without the 67mm threat, I made one myself. And again plumbing parts and some hardware come to the rescue. I admit, It is not as pretty as a slik black adapter from any housing manufacturer, but it sure is sturdy enough to carry a heavy diopter such as the SMC-2.
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    Only on dry land so far; I will have it in the water in two weeks. With the UW-Technics converter, manual mode works fine, but TTL categorically does not work - it always fires with the same fairly low power, both in mode 1 (Inon Z-240) and in mode 6 (Ikelite DS-160); I'm not sure why, maybe I'm doing something wrong? Oddly, with the pop-up flash on my Sony A6300, the TTL mode appears to work fairly well - I was getting the same exposure at f/11 and f/22 (ISO set to 100, shutter speed to 1/160), although wider apertures were getting overexposed. Can't test HSS because my camera won't let me select a shorter exposure than 1/160 - need a new firmware revision for the converter to enable it. Pavel wrote a week ago on tetis.ru forus that he's expecting a sample in two weeks, and then he will try making a TTL profile for it.



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