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    @Oskar@RetraUWT Any news on when the next batch will be sent out? Would be good with another delay noticed, as the last one said "will be shipping before mid-January 2020". Really jealous of everyone already received theirs :). Patrick
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    I got a Nimar housing for the RP a few weeks ago. I'm very happy about it. I also posted about the strobe issues but it turned out that their Inon supplier send them bad quality cables. New ones are on the way free of charge. The support from Nimar was very good so far, before buying, while shipping and also afterwards to find the strobe issue. The housing was basically ready to go and it is ergonomic. I also looked at ikelite vs Nimar and went with Nimar in the end, because of recommendations of friends, for price reasons and also since their support was way better than ikelite when I asked questions. It's ergonomic and you don't need to buy every single piece extra (like a trigger extension for the shutter or a handle for the right side as an example). They try to be compatible with everything else that is out on the market, something that ikelite tries to make sure you get the whole set from them, including cables and strobes. Also get the vacuum system, it's worth it. It seems to me that the picture you posted is of the "Pro" series of Nimar. I could not find it anymore on their website but they have the white housing for the R and the RA. I assume that the pro -series is of a higher quality but the white housings are very good and I actually prefer a clear backplate so I can see the o-ring.



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