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    I just got my Sony A6600, Nauticam housing and already have two Inon D-2000 strobes. I've been told that my only option to trigger the strobes is Nauticam's trigger designed for the A6600. The Nauticam trigger does not support TTL and I didn't want to cut off that option if I didn't have to. Does anyone know of other options? Has anyone used the S-Turtle TTL Trigger with the A6600 (or other A6XXX), if so your thoughts? Thanks, David
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    I'm looking for another compact setup. I've dove with a Sony RX100 for years, and I have a much larger Olympus EM5 setup I'll be selling. I had knee replacement, and was an absolute debacle. I'm looking for something fairly lightweight like the Sony, but I'd like to try something new. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    These lights all use the same COB LEDs (other than the Big Blue, which is not a good option, IMO), so the differences between the quality of the light are minimal. More meaningful differences exist between the beam angle and ergonomics. Note that both the Keldan and the Sola have 120/110 degree beam angles, which is a waste unless you're solely filming video with a fisheye. Unless build quality and ergonomics are much more important to you than price, I'd look into the DivePro G18 Plus lights (the Jaunt G18 in the post above).
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    Mike asking people on facebook on a generic group is not a good idea For caves you have two options WWL-1 you can use f/5.6 and even wider in some cases Panasonic 8-18mm in 180mm glass dome, this lens does not have the warping issue of 7mm lenses but it will require f/8 because of field of curvature of the dome. Narrower lenses will be too narrow for smaller caves. Generally domes will bring all sorts of issue of focus that you really want to avoid. I also want to add that 1. Power zoom lens does not work with Dual IS and is limited to lens stabiliser that is pool. Consider changing to 14-42 MKII and 35 macro port 2. GH5s has no IBIS though as you are working with PZ it would be the same as you are not using it With WWL-1 you will be able to shoot at ISO 1600 and lower and this will be adequate the supposed better noise of the GH5s is not worth the other ergonomics and lack of stabilisation. In terms of shooting settings I agree that 24p will give you another stop however you need to fin slowly or the edges will move too quick even for the WWL-1
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    In terms of weight and overall size, a Panasonic GX9 in NA housing, with 14-42mm, and NA wet wide lens (WWL) is almost the same weight and size as an RX100 in NA-housing with same WWL lens. For wide angle, a GX9 with 8mm pana fishey and 4" port is significantly lighter than an RX100 setup with wet wide lens.
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    I'm not overly impressed with the WB settings (manual), and video with the RX. I've had two complete RX setups. It's not bad, but probably the most disappointing of all the setups I've had. It's a nice compact setup, but again I've had seen better. I'm leaning towards a LX10 II right now, but I'd like opinions. The video quality I've seen from the LX looks top notch. I love the EM5, but it's twice the size of the RX setup.
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    I saw your post on the Oly kit on SB. Sorry to hear about your knee. Are there things you don't like about the Sony? It may help others make better recommendations. I have an RX100V myself, and my main complaint is the inability of it to WB so ambient is really not possible to get good results with video. For that reason I am setting up a Panasonic I had to see if I like it better. Along those lines I think LX10 would be the popular panasonic compact choice, and for MFT interchangeable lenses the G9 would be the next step up. GH5 would be the next step up. Moving up in the bodies doesn't add that much weight and size, but the lights, strobes, arms, lenses and ports is where the bulk and weight start adding up, but you knew that.



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