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    Just posting an update. I got the replacement cables today (It took a while because I live on an island, Nimar was very quick at sending them with DHL and they did not charge me anything for the replacements nor shipping). Visually I could not tell a difference to the other cables but as soon as I plugged them in, both strobes fired every single time I triggered. I pulled a bit, twisted the adapter and rotated to various orientations, no matter what I did, consistent firing of both strobes. Against what I feared, their design of trigger and single optical bulkhead with double optical adapter works. Pavel (here in the forum) was right about the quality of the cables and Nimar was also right about identifying the issue and sending me replacement ones. Can't wait to jump in the water with two firing strobes tomorrow.
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    Sometimes I get the impression this virus has more impact on the brain than on the lungs. Getting bizarre. Here in Germany we had 25.000 peoples dying from the flue in 2018 alone. Zero so far on Corona. And people stack loopaper for the next 10 years... Lets have a Mexican beer, shall we?
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    Hi Bill1946. Apologies. I need to remove the door so I can gain access to the USB and HDMI ports. USB so that I can charge the camera battery without disassembly of the camera from the housing. It's a pain to take the camera and lens out. Especially with a 90mm macro lens! The HDMI port I need access to so that I can connect it to a Dive and See external monitor. Isaac, thanks for much for this! I will see if I am comfortable doing this or will have the Sony service center do this for me. Let you guys know how it goes.
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    INON are normally known for having quite a sensitive flash trigger, so this seems unusual. Only thought I have is perhaps neither cable is centered over the LED so maybe not enough light is getting through. You could try rotating the plug in bulkhead and also holding it above the bulkhead to one side a little to try to center one cable end over the LED. This would test the theory that the offset cable in the plug is the issue but not provide a working solution. Most other LED triggers I have seen use one LED per cable. On the cables; it might be the cables but your test shows it would have to be both being a problem, which seems a little less likely. I'm using an INON cable now to trigger my Z-240 with an onboard flash at 1/64 power and it works fine- but that produces more light. You could also try removing the cable from your plug and holding it centered over the LED to see if that helps. You could also try trimming the ends of the cables again with a sharp knife.



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