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    Sorry, translation mistake from me... In german batteries are single use, accus are rechargeable... My fault. Regards, Wolfgang
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    What are "accus"? Maybe it just clicked. Accumulators? I.e. batteries?
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    @Massimo: I do not perform a special management programm to overheat the strobes... Just 1-3 test strobes over the surface when assembling the rig (of course at minimum intensity). Under the water and mostly for WA, I use full power only few times and then shoot at reduced settings. I admit I do not proceed according to the manual: it recommends to wait for 10 minutes (the manual says something like this, I cannot remember now the exact time span) after firing once at full power before firing the strobe again at any power. But I do the same with Z330 and never had burm out so far. Next time, when you are under the water, fire your strobe at full power few times and then put your hand on the strobe: You will feel that the strobe gets very hot, even under the water... I really have a very bad gut feeling about Sea&Sea and the Netherlands representative, they have messed up with me. No more Sea&Sea flash and I do not recommend them to anyone... @Stuart: I did the test for you, with the Z330 immersed in the bathtube (also good to know for me for the future): Oly EM1II with FLM3 flash for trigger (1/64 power). 3 fps for 4 seconds (12 frames), the FLM3 flashed every time, so FLM3 is not rate limiting. Z330 at power "-2" (i.e. 1/4 power): flash every time - 100% sucess. Intensity always 100% as judged by eye... Z330 at power "-1" (i.e. 1/2 power): 5 failures out of 12 - 58% sucess . Intensity always 100% as judged by eye... Z330 at power "-0.5" (i.e. 1/1.5 power): 5 failures out of 12 - 58% sucess . Intensity always 100% as judged by eye... Conclusion: "-2" works perfect, but even "-0.5" can be used when one can live with 50% dropout. Now is the question how many Joules is Z330 at "-2", compared to Sea&Sea at "1/4" power. I guess Inon has more Joules, but maybe someone can answer this question precisely... Wolfgang
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    I made my decision 4 years ago when Nikon was treating video as an illegitimate stepchild. I sold all my Nikon gear and switched to Panasonic GH4 (since updated to GH5). No regrets, never looked back.
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    Have a look on the nikon auto focus system from Backcountry Gallery (Steve Perry). https://bcgwebstore.com/product/secrets-to-the-nikon-autofocus-system/ It is very well explained. Youtube video: This is also a very good thread in WP Regards, Joss
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    It can shoot manual or TTL when you have a TTL-capable triggering flash, like a pop-up flash on many compacts and mid-size cameras. The Smart SL mode allows the strobe to 'learn' the TTL pre-flash sequence of the controlling camera; you don't use it to actually shoot. Engage Smart SL - the strobe indicator light will start flashing. Fire a shot, wait for 2 seconds, it should stop flashing - this indicates that the strobe is calibrated. Turn to manual mode and start shooting - it will ignore the TTL pre-flash pulses. This is for cameras where you can't turn off the pre-flash, like all Sony RX100 and A6xxx series cameras.



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