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    I have used Testors enamel. It is a model/hobby paint in small vials. Use a small brush to apply the enamel. Since the lettering is inset on some housings you can use a alcohol wipe to gently remove the excess.
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    I have this setup, I assume you have the Zen 170mm dome. I have two combinations I use: 170mm dome with 12-40/7-14mm and on each side one INON M float arm and one ML. Buoyancy is 135+135+210+210 = 690 gr buoyancy. 100mm Zen fisheye dome or 60mm macro flat port one INON Mega float arm S and one 8" nauticam regular arm each side. Buoyancy is 2x 390 gr = 780 gr. The dome setup is near neutral and the second combo is too much with the 170mm dome and it goes positive. The second combo is slightly heavier UW. I use the Nauticam long clamps as the middle clamp as it allows the arms to fold closer together. The clamp going on the ball mount on each side is a long clamp with a shackle to attache a lanyard. The advantage there is the clamp handle does not hit the shackle when attached. If you want a combo that does both pick the first one - it's 100gr heavier UW, but it works OK. You don't want a positive setup, so the second combo can't be used with the dome.



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