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    Red Irish Lord perfectly perched on a sponge. At God's Pocket Nikon D500, Nauticam Housing, Nikon 10.5mm Fisheye, 2x Retra Flashes, ISO 100, f11, 1/125
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    I cannot comment on the difference between Inon and Nauticam VF, but I see this has become a general tread about viewfinders. Here my personal opinion as a Nauticam 45 degree VF owner: The domain of an extra VFs are DSLRs, when photographers want to see the optical image of the OVF. Having a look through the OVF with the diving mask on, without an extra aid is very difficult, so the extra VF is a big advantage. Mirrorless photographers, like me (Oly EM1II), normally use the back screen in live view mode. I see no advantage of looking through the EVF compared to the back screen, to the contrary, the back screen is bigger and better visible. A 180 degree VF would be useless for me... The 45 degree VF is very good for taking Macros, as others have already stated. It is good for sparing the neck muscles and spinal cord, really very comfortable. If I would only go for Macro, I would definitely always have the 45 degree VF on my housing. For WA, however, I dislike the 45 degree VF, it is always in the way, when I want to have a look at the backscreen. Because of this, I seldom use the 45 degree VF, as I would have to mount and dismantle it almost every day on the housing, what I find not comfortable... Wolfgang



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