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    Hi Divers Just wanted to share with you a tutorial I did recently in regards to white balancing your camera underwater. Any feedback appreciated, thanks for checking it out!
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    Hi, This video is shot in my home country in the emirates of Fujairah. It is during different seasons. Although visibility is not great, the wreck is full of life and lies in 24m. The whole video is shot in ambient light with red filter using the Panasonic GH5s. I hope you enjoy it.
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    Very nice - thanks a lot for sharing this
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    Amazing work, that is a beautiful video. The quality of your shots, the slow mo and speed ramps are well placed, it is a piece of art! Inspiring Bruno
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    Hi Wolfgang, the picture is not cropped, I just verified in Lightroom. Here are some test shots in the pool. All with the D500, Aquatica housing, Aquatica 4'' mini dome, Nikon 8-15 fisheye + Kenko (new version) 1.4 TC, ISO=200, 1/160sec: 11mm, f=6.3; 11mm, f=10; 21mm, f=6.3, 21mm, f=6.3 At f=6.3 you see problems in the corners at 11mm and better at 21mm. At f=11 for me acceptable, especially at 21mm already what I call good. Overall, my impression is that this combo performs pretty well. For most trips I don't care to take the 8'' dome, although the corners are clearly better. But in blue water you don't see it anyway. My impression is that the 8+15 + TC performs better than the Tokina 10-17 without TC. Cheers, Wolfram
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    This is the problem, as they themselves admitted, its not based on any evidence the masks actually do that at all (and no research into harmful unexpected results such as potentially increased risk of infection due to incorrect use and adhering). The CDC is a massive outlier here, i dont know another major body recommending masks (nor making recommendations that aren't based on any science what-so-ever). Its very odd for them to do such a thing and does hint a bit of desperation. In short, there is no data to suggest "my mask protects you" and also no data showing "my mask doesn't make me more prone to disease than no mask". Both of which are pretty important. ...and getting back to the original point. The website that is ultimately "fake news". Ultimately it makes claims that are demonstrably untrue, selectively edits the data to try to fit its conclusion and offers no scientific backing. Its worth than nothing. Its possible to have sensible debate of the actual science but that website is nothing of the sort. Its a screaming hysteria site with absolutely no basis in science or fact. Its misleading and potentially dangerous.
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    The intended purpose of the home fabricated masks being recommended by the CDC is not to prevent the wearer from inhaling virus particles but instead to knock down/trap droplets/material being exhaled by the wearer. My mask protects you, your mask protects me. They are trying to conserve the N95 masks and similar for medical use and first responders since they are still in short supply. You will get your peer reviewed, factually proven and supported, double blind, control groups studies about a year from now, about the time we get a vaccine. At some point in the interim, those of us who are not in one of the vulnerable groups, using the recommended precautions, are going to have to OO's up and get about our lives.
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    I am not Wolfgang, so forgive me for butting in, but FWIW, I have been very happy with nauticam housings. In the micro four thirds product line, my choice would be the EM1 ii, followed by the EM5 ii, followed by the EM1. But both of those are current cameras, so used housings will be harder to find than housings for the earlier cameras. I know there is one for the earlier version of the EM1 on ebay now, but I know nothing about the seller or housing. The new Panasonic G9 is also getting good reviews but is very new so there will be no used housings for it. Lenses and ports depend a lot on your interests. In my opinion, the best choices for these cameras are the 12-40 lens in a 170 or 180 dome, the 8mm fisheye in a 100 or 140 dome and the 30 or 60mm macros in flat ports, or the WWL-1 wet lens with a good 14-42 lens. Underwater photography isn't an inexpensive hobby. Keep an eye on the classifieds here and you can probably find a decent deal on a used housing, ports, etc. To save money on cameras and lenses you can check out the Olympus outlet (or whatever it is called) where Olympus sells reconditioned cameras and lenses at a discount. In budgeting, keep in mind you need arms and clamps and cords and flotation, etc. I strongly encourage you to invest in a vacuum valve. That alone is a good reason to go with something other than Oly housings. Good luck and the people here are always happy to help you.



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