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    Hi Divers Sadly we can't dive in Thailand these days and I miss it badly. But it's given me time to do something I've wanted to do for a long time, to rewatch and rank my favourite underwater documentaries. So I made a video about my top 10 favourites. What's your favourite? Check out my video:
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    The original version of this trip report was posted on the front page of Wetpixel a few weeks ago, but I have now updated it and added some new images on the version I have done on my site. Here is the link to Diving the Witu Islands All the wide-angle images were taken with a Nikon D500 and 8-15mm lens in a Nauticam housing with the 140mm port, which I personally find to be really great combo. The macro images were taken with the 40mm Micro-Nikkor - I screwed up in the last minute packing and left my 60mm and 105mm macros behind... As they say the best lens you have is the one on your camera! I have been visiting Papua New Guinea regularly for 20 years, but this was the first time to the Witu Islands and I really was impressed. When you look at the location of the islands in the Bismarck Sea, relative to the rest of the Coral Triangle, it becomes clearer why they are such so biodiverse. Here are a few images to illustrate what I mean. Don
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    I was in Tonga last August with Naia liveabord and I'd like to share my experience . Naia is a well known liveaboard cruising Tonga during July , August and September and Fiji during the other months . All on board is great : cabin , food , service , professional cruise director , wonderful fijian staff ! The trip was 10 days - 9 nights - 8 full day in water with humpback whales . A lot of time with only one target : .... whales !! Seeing whales above water and underwater as well ( snorkeling only allowed ) I must confess at the beginning I was afraid to get bored , but day by day I understood that all that time is necessary to " get in touch " with the whales . This means not only take a snapshot but let the whales accept me in water ! As per tecnical details , I ask many friends had done same experience as well as internet research and I finally understood that is useful : -use fisheye on Dslr ( or mirrorless ) : I used Canon 8-15 on Canon 80D -use mid dome or minidome : I used ZEN 170 dome : a big dome is not really necessary because not possible many half-half and no worry about soften corner , and the cons is you have sto swimm a lot ! -use manual exposure with center weight metering and -2/3 compensation - F8 - 1/125 to 1/200 ( I used usually 1/160 ) - auto ISO -use autofocus ( with all points active ) , water was very clear so no really problem with autofocus I balanced ( neutral buoyancy and perfect trim ) my housing with some close cell foam all around it and it was very useful during the long hours in water . Last important points : -try to have the sun behind my back , because the only light is the natural light ( no flash allowed ) . -go close !! ... or better , let the whales came close to me ... and the first days I made the mistake to use fishyey at 15 mm .. at the end I used only 10 mm ( on crop sensor ) and try to fill the frame to have to less water as possible from whales and my lens . -be prepared to swimm a lot and a lot , so I trained myself intensive before this trip . here some shots , hope you like : some great moment of interaction ...... :
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    Well done! You exposed me to more than a couple films I have not heard of, much less seen. Sharkwater and Blue Planet I & II are in my collection but the rest are now on my list to find and view. Some of them are available on Netflix, Youtube, Amazon and Amazon Prime. I can't find your favorite for us US viewers , unfortunately. It is on Youtube but was blocked for me for some copyright reason. It's also available for purchase on Amazon but it requires a zone 2 DVD player (Europe) and is on the pricey side. The Disney version is readily available. Thanks for putting this together and posting it here. You did a fantastic and very professional job. I liked it so much I watched it twice in a row!
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    Stunning video! May be go and get a wetsuit and dive into the... tub :) Best I can do right now. Seriously, thought the music worked well. The fly-by-wire shots visually super affective. Details of the boat well, but not over-done as some videos have. Looks like a keeper! Thanks for sharing.
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    I actually made a video not long ago of my favorite underwater instagram accounts (Not well known ones). Some truly inspirational UW videographers and photographers. Go check it out if you want to get inspired
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    THE GALAPAGOS ISLANDS ON TIBURON EXPLORER 17-24 OCTOBER 2020 ***ONLY 3 SPACES AVAILABLE*** FLASH SALE PRICE: 5,395 USD Normal Price 6,395 USD VIEW TRIP DETAILS Trip Overview: Equator Diving invites you to join a trip of a lifetime to dive the world famous Galapagos Islands. Our trip is purposefully timed for prime Whale and Whale Shark season. Galapagos has big stuff year round but July-October brings in the biggest of the big. Whale Sharks, Humpback, Pilot and Melon Headed Whales are amongst the visitors, and they will be sharing the seas with the Galapagos Islands year round residents – the schooling Hammerheads, Galapagos Sharks, Silky Sharks, Penguins, Marine Iguanas, Mola Mola, Sea Lions and the fascinating Red-Lipped Batfish. Our trip will take place on the NEW Tiburon Explorer Liveaboard. To book email info@equatordiving.com or request booking via our website.
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    Hello , here are my memories from my last trip in raja Ampat - January 2019 . I stayed in Papua Explorer Resort and I had a very nice stay . All were great there : from accomodation to food , from staff to diving operation . What I like specially is his position : right in the center of Dampier strait ! It was my second time there and I cant wait to come again . But ... why Raja Ampat is so special ? Because a fantastic shallow part of the reef and so nice fish life ( sometime very well "organized ") This is my point of view .... and of course I prefer to show you some photos rather than words The shallow part of the reef
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    fish life If you like to see more picture here is my Flickr album : https://www.flickr.com/photos/paolobl65/albums/72157675925072047 all my best Paolo Isgro
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    And we were lucky the baby wanted to play with us : ... but no problem baby .... big mama is always watching at you !!! and always take care of you !! finally my favourite image .... just another point of view !! If you like to see more Tonga photos you can see my Flickr album : https://www.flickr.com/photos/paolobl65/albums/72157701111669905 all my best Paolo Isgro
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    Last year, after a couple of failed attempts to get there, I spent three weeks in Tonga to swim with and photograph the humpback whales that migrate there every winter from their feeding grounds in the Antarctic. To say it was a seminal experience would be an understatement... I have been fortunate to dive in many parts of the world, but this was my first experience with such large creatures. Tonga is not the easiest place to get to, particularly if you are traveling from the Europe or North America as you have to go through either Sydney or Auckland to get to the capital Nukuʻalofa which is the only international gateway. Then you have to get up to the north of the archipelago to Neiafu in the Vava'u group of islands which is where most of the whale watching is based because of the sheltered bays in that area. But it's worth the journey because the whales are there, their numbers are slowly but steadily increasing and the encounters you can have are simply fantastic as Tonga is one of the few places in the world where a limited number of operators are licensed to take people in the water with the whales. As I normally do on my big trips I have documented my experiences and images on my site - no financial angle here.... I paid for my trips myself and there is no advertising on my site. I just like to write about my experiences, simple as that. There are numerous pages on the humpback whales of Tonga, covering everything from their annual migration to the different types of encounters you can have together with the logistics involved. You can access all that through this link to my site and PM me if you would like any advice based on my personal experience. Don
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    Highly recommend this trip for anyone thinking about it, went last year and it's incredible!
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    I am looking to organize a special trip to swim and photograph some of the most majestic creatures on the planet, the humpback whale. I am looking to go in 2017 during the peak of the humpback migration where thousands of Southern Hemisphere Humpbacks migrate from Antarctica to the warmer waters of Tonga. The sheltered bays and inlets around Tonga provide the perfect nursery for mothers to teach their calves all about being a whale! Ive personally observed many humpbacks around Oahu and off the coast of Maui and Im completely blown away by their size! Its a magical experience to be in their presence. Tonga is one of the few places in the World that allows people to legally get in the water with these gentle giants. Swimming with humpbacks is a privilege and we must not forget that heavy regulations and laws have allowed people this amazing opportunity. We must respect the laws and obey them. Spaces will be very limited, and only a small group will be allowed in order to maximize everyones water time. Who would like to join me on this once in a life time adventure? For dates and prices please email me (photographybyleighton@yahoo.com) or message if you are interested! Spots are very limited! Once in a life time opportunity!
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    Wow, what an amazing resource you have put together on your site. The images are fantastic. I really like the way you captured specific behaviour. But it's not just images but explanation and education. This should be the go-to starting point for anyone thinking of going to Tonga. Very well done sir! By the way, although I have been to Tonga many times for work, including Vava'u, I was never able to time a trip to go diving. But I was extremely fortunate to swim with humpbacks in Niue which is not so far away. So I second your endorsement of such encounters being a seminal experience. Thanks for bringing back those memories.
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    Hey guys, I can't see that this has been posted but I see that Darren Jew has won the 2007 Canon/AIPP Australian Science, Environment and Nature Photographer of the Year award. I do not know Darren, but have found that he is always helpful on this forum. Congratulations Darren. Is there any specific photo that won this award Darren?



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