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    I guess the original intention of the post got sidetracked by the usual stuff Going back to what you say it may be true that national geographic is using a gopro for shark, sure you can put it on a stick and if it gets crushed who cares but viceversa is not true a lot of people that use a phone or a gopro stay there This is consistent across the number of surveys done Most people here and the readers of uwpmag dont come for gopro and phones Technology in the camera department is moving slow phones are moving fast the two things do not cross path. Phones have app stores you can write tools so they have much more to offer than a closed system camera Market consolidation will happen and the market becomes more commodity I see those as consequences that cannot be avoided, will it trickle to underwater photography? Not sure is such a small segment Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It is my point because they are camera companies that are camera and image not consumer centric. Same issue of Olympus keep going on a certain path without trying to exploit the video potential of MFT while Panasonic was getting the whole public of DSLR and camcorders shooters interested in portable video. Camera will become specific devices for people that need a more creative support manufacturers keep making the same mistakes and pushing consumers to full frame because they make money with that not realising that the majority of people can't be bothered about ultimate image quality but need to share quickly ultimately this approach cannibalises their own cropped offering but does not win a single consumer that comes from mobile phone market
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    After having a look at the (Nauticam) housings for the Z7 and the D850 with no difference in weight and almost same size it will be a DSLR again. Thanks for all you kind help. The camera body might be a little bit lighter than the DSLR is but with the ftz Adaptor and using F-Mount lenses there is also not too much difference any more. The handling of the camera: also +1 for the DSLR. I couldn't have a look at the images, I still don't know much about the quality of the Z6/7 compared to a D800/D810/D850. Maybe the next or the generation after that will get it's chance. I can't wait for a successor (and I don't want to go with 60 MP with what the rumors say) and also a Z8 is too much. I think with the D850 I will get a partner for a couple of years.



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