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    Norfolk. I shore dive in the Sheringham area on the chalk reef. The water temp. stays at about 19C pretty much the whole summer, same as in the Canary islands.
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    I fully agree. I just forgot to mention that with the interchageable lens option one does not only tread in hughe amount of gear to carry around compared to wetlenses, but also better IQ You are the first to make a real live comparison between WWL-1 and the adapted zoom fisheyes. Good to hear the fisheyes perform better... As you say, comparison to 7mm rectlinear in 170 or 180mm domes is not fair, as this is neither fisheye, nor are these the correct domeports. There is an older tread were an UW-photographer (I believe it was Phil Rudin) tested the Zen 200mm port and found out better performance (this port is not produced any more by Zen, but Athena still seems to produces a similar, if not the identical, one). Since I have the zoom fisheyes, I am like you, not interested any more in this very wide rectilinear WA (If I would be I definitely would sell my Zen DP170 and try this here: https://www.unterwasserkamera.at/shop/catalog/de/product_info.php?info=p5758_athena-dome-port-opd-f200v-nauticam.html)... Wolfgang
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    I have been enjoying this series. It might cost me.....
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    Kia ora, I'm a masters student studying human-leopard seal interactions in New Zealand. I'm new to the underwater world, only had my first dive last year, but already hooked. I love being on the water and can't wait to start my underwater journey.
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    Well hello there! My name is Emil, and i am a diver, aspiring marine biologist and all around underwater nerd from the cold reaches of Sweden, more exactly the Swedish west coast. I have held a passion for the sea for as long as i can remember and the creatures in it. I love dealing with species identification from photographs, though i only deal with nordic species so far. I usually do macro photography, though i am still new to underwater photography, with a compact camera (TG-5). And want to show that, even if coral reefs and warm waters are nice and all, there is many pretty animals in the less popular, colder waters further north worth seeing and maybe protecting. When not diving, i enjoy video games, reading fantasy (sometimes other genres as well) and cooking. So that is all for now Emil



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