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    I agree in full sorry I was repeating someone else comment I find that people spend a lot of energy complaining and fighting their gear instead of learning how to use it With regards to Inon my recommendation would be to adopt a thicker diffuser than their 0.3 because in my pool tests with their stock diffuser on the two bulbs are still visible Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I never said that I am not a good photographer and so I didn't need the best quality of light. What I meant was that there are many other important things that will have a larger impact on your image quality than whether you use a top of the line strobe or a premium strobe. Because we are not talking about some little YS-01 or sealife strobe here, the Z330 is a very good product. The most important thing is knowing how to use your gear, of course it's better to have a higher quality of light, but how big of a difference is there really when using these two strobes underwater, compared to the cost? I am still using my old 16 MP Oly OM-D E-M1 and a couple of YS-D1s and I regularly get much better results than people with much better/fancier camera setups. Knowing your gear and using it the best you can will take you much further than just buying the latest greatest stuff. That will help too, but you don't need the latest and greatest to win awards. Sometimes I feel people get too caught up in comparing every minute spec and every little nuance of image quality when that isn't what matters the most.
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    "I don't need good quality of light because I am not a good photographer" is not a good argument when choosing a light or strobe. @Balage_diver wrote nicely that the Z-330 will give you better performance if you are primarily shooting TTL which probably means that you mainly shoot macro. The Retra however will give better results when shooting with manual power (especially wide angle) and besides this they offer a range of accessories to modify the light beam for macro and other types of shooting situations. The Retra Flash PRO costs almost twice(!) the Z-330. That's because it packs more power (that extra power is spread over a wider area making the Retra easier to position in wide angle) and offers a long list of unique and helpful features: leakage alarm, battery indication, HSS, smartphone connectivity, firmware updates, etc. Besides this the build quality and appearance are on a much higher level with the Retra. I don't know if you are into that kind of thing but handling each of these products is a very different experience. Regarding reliability I have no doubts about the Retra because it is their second generation strobe and they offer 2 years of warranty instead of the standard 1 year. If you ever email them you will find they respond rapidly and are eager to solve any issue or question you might have about their products. The Z-330 and the Retra Flash are very different beasts. I think you need to choose based on what your primary focus in underwater photography is and especially(!) your budget.
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    Hi… yes, it's my second year with em1mk2 and the nauticam trigger…. the camera didnt know the trigger is there…. you can go also to 1/1000 but you have half of the photo black…. the camera didn't limit the shutter with the trigger… in macro you can go to 1/400 easily… 500 with a very little crop on the top of the frame…. in wide angle with a lot of light(sun in the frame) and the oly fisheye you can reach 1/640 without cropping…. ;-) when the trigger is on the camera and you open the super control panel SCP(not menus)... the flash modes are marked grey because the camera think there isn't a flash installed… but you can navigate the modes and set also second curtain flash… but only manual modes… ;-) look at the photos in this gallery, many of them are at 1/400.... 2 or 3 at 1/500.... https://www.flickr.com/photos/13930495@N06/albums/72157700564635032 ps:troporobo your FLM3 is dead…. it happens also with FLM2.... :-(



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